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Get your cargo cleared in no time

In international trades, customs regulations are very important.  They are often complex and require coomplying to very stict guidelines set up by
the Canada Borders Services Agency (CBSA).  In order to face the complexity of customs operations and to save time and money, it is best to commission the task of customs clearance to an experienced customs broker.


At Equinox International we establish the best customs clearance solutions which allow to cut down any delays involving your shipments no matter what the country of destination. Our team of experts are trained to handle paperwork


At Equinox International our customs brokerage service involves ensuring that goods are cleared through customs of their country of destination.
Our customs brokerage service includes handling all the necessary paperwork related to customs clearing in Canada, USA or abroad.

Here is an overview of our customs clearance services:

  • Release of goods at all Canadian ports of entry (ACROSS: Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System)

  • Release on minimal documentation (RMD)

  • Release by pre-arrival inspection system (PARS: Pre-arrival Review System)

  • Release of goods in bonded warehouses

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